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Teachers Talk Money

Feb 3, 2021

Hey teachers! Are you… 

  • Wondering how you’ll ever retire?
  • Thinking you don’t have enough time or energy to learn how to manage your money?
  • Questioning if paying off all your debt is possible?
  • Giving up on living a rich life because your salary isn’t amazing?

This is the Teachers Talk Money Podcast and we’re here to help you…

  • Push past limiting beliefs around money and develop that same growth mindset that we teach to our students every day
  • Learn all of the tips and tools you’ll need to master your money, from saving, to investing, to paying down debt, we’ve got you covered. 
  • Give back to yourself, get organized and prioritize your goals and financial self-care
  • Whether you’re just starting your financial path, or if you’ve already got a lot of tools in your toolbox, we’re here for you as the next step and find even more ways to maximize your financial future. 

We’re a duo of teachers from different generations, financial backgrounds, states, and grade levels who got together with a shared vision to help teachers everywhere master their money. 

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Can’t wait until then? Find us at, @financiallyfitteacher and @teacherstalkmoney on Instagram, and Teachers Talk Money on YouTube.